How much ice cream/frozen yoghurt and frozen fruit do you use to make a real fruit ice cream?

Use two scoops of ice cream or frozen yoghurt, approx. 60 grams (2 ounces) per scoop, then add 1 dessert spoon of frozen fruit, appropriately 30-40 grams (1-1.5 ounces).


What temperature do you need to keep the ice cream/frozen yoghurt and frozen fruit at?

To make the perfect ice cream, the ice cream/frozen yoghurt needs to be kept at -14 to -16 degrees Celsius (3.2 to 6.8 degrees Fahrenheit). This makes it firm and easy to scoop. The fruit needs to be kept at approx. -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit). You can satisfy both of these temperatures requirements in the same freezer by having the ice cream/frozen yoghurt in the lower part of the freezer and the fruit on the top part of the freezer. There is a hard/soft button on the Little Jem blender that can help with the bending of ingredients that are at a slightly different temperature to that recommended.


Do you need to prepare the fruit before freezing?

Yes, large fruits i.e. strawberries, kiwi fruit, mango and banana need to be pre-diced to a size of approx. 0.5cm x 0.5cm before freezing.


Can I blend something other than fruit with my ice cream/frozen yoghurt?

Yes, you can blend a range of ingredients such as cookies, chocolate, mint and hokey pokey.


Can I use a dairy free alternative to ice cream or frozen yoghurt?

Yes, there are many dairy free alternatives to ice cream and frozen yoghurt, such as soy or coconut based ice cream.



Do you have to wash the mixing bowl and auger between servings?

You can make approx. 30-50 ice creams before cleaning of the auger and mixing bowl is required, but this is dependent on the types of ingredients you use. You may have to wash the auger more frequently if, for example, you are making a dairy free ice cream.


How long does it take to clean the Little Jem Ice Cream Blender when required throughout the working day?

It takes approximately 10 seconds to remove the auger, mixing bowl, splash guard and drip tray. Give these a quick wash in hot water and sanitising liquid, rinse with cold water, dry and reassemble.

Altogether this takes only a few minutes.


How do I clean the Little Jem Blender at the end of the day?

As above, disassembly only takes approx. 10 seconds, and all removable parts can go into a dishwasher or can be washed in hot water with a sanitising liquid. The rest of the blender requires a wipe down with a damp warm cloth and sanitising liquid.

Altogether this takes only a few minutes.


What is the best type of freezer to use?

The optimum freezer is especially designed for ice cream, with a glass sliding lid and a length between 1.25m and 1.4m as this allows you ample room and easy access to your ice cream/frozen yoghurt and fruit.


How much does it cost to make an ice cream?

Please look at the profit margins link on our website.


Is any maintenance required for the Little Jem blender?

Greasing is required after every 10,000 ice creams with the supplied grease gun. The steps to do this are in the operation manual.


Do you ship to countries outside of New Zealand?

Yes, Little Jem Real Fruit Ice Cream blenders are shipped globally.


How long is the delivery time for a Little Jem Blender?

New Zealand delivery takes approx. 1 week, from order to delivery of the Little Jem real fruit ice cream blender.

International delivery takes approx. 4 weeks, from order to delivery of the Little Jem real fruit ice cream blender.

Delivery times are dependent on location and availability.

To discuss delivery times to your location please contact Dennis.


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